U.S. Health Club is moving to basicbrandsinc.com, online orders launching February 2021!

About Us

For over 40 years USHC® has led the way to a better quality of life for millions of Americans with specially formulated, high potency nutritional products, based on the most accurate scientific and medical information available.

Today's USHC® staff is a fully qualified, dedicated team of professionals, helping active adults like you meet your individual health needs with highly absorbable, pharmaceutical grade products for healthy living. We research the most current data and corresponding formulas to provide lab tested, high potency products that meet or exceed regulatory guidelines and offer the latest in fully qualified product information.

USHC® products are sold direct, not warehoused or available in stores. This helps maintain brand quality, product freshness and maximum potency. So come on in and see our diverse line of premium quality products. Try them out, see how you feel and judge for yourself.